Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We recently had a forum discussing governance at UMD.  The governance forum notes are provided as a summary of the brainstorming from that session.  These include ideas on structure as well as areas that could be considered under governance.

To provide a bit of background on that discussion I wanted to give some details about our current governance system.  We have a Campus Assembly, an Executive Committee (ECCA), and then 5 standing committees: Educational Policy Committee (EPC), Student Affairs Committee, Campus Budget Committee, Campus Physical Facilities Committee, and the Campus Athletic Committee.  ECCA is responsible for oversight of the Campus Assembly and all of the standing committees move items for vote up to the Campus Assembly.

The current Constitution outlines the role of the Campus Assembly.  The following sentence from the Constitution summarizes the role of the governance system (with the Campus Assembly at the head): "The assembly shall have the authority and responsibility to make recommendations to the chancellor on educational matters concerning the Duluth campus."

ECCA has proposed revisions to the Constitution and the revised document is now out for written ballot with the Campus Assembly.  An updated version of the By Laws were passed yesterday at Campus Assembly.  The Bylaws include the details on the membership and election of the standing committees.



  1. Based on the Campus Assembly that took place on April 17, I suggest that there be two Campus Assembly meetings per semester. The Assembly would vote on policies brought by the standing committees. As it is now, the standing committees, with the exception of EPC, report what they have been "working on" but nothing is brought for action. If there is nothing to bring for action, these need not be subunits of the Assembly. One Assembly could be devoted to EPC matters, one to Budget matters, one to Physical Facilities matters, and a fourth to Student Affairs and Campus Athletics matters.

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