Saturday, April 7, 2012

Adaptable Workload Model

Faculty members may have heard some discussions this past week about an Adaptable Work Load (AWM) model.  I prepared a draft for discussion (AWM).  At this point, I'm just putting out the draft as a way to get us thinking about ways to represent more accurately what you do in something other than a "one size fits all" percentage.  This AWM can be very flexible or can just be used to represent your current college practice.  Breakdowns such as 60-30-10% (teaching-research-service) are good representations for some people, but as we move toward more diverse activities (increasing research or service commitments) or consider the variance in activities for people at different points in their career, a single percentage breakdown becomes less applicable.

The idea is to represent what you are currently doing, not to automatically change everyone's workload.  It is a benefit to you to have your Department Head and Dean on the same page with you on your expectations, and then to have your merit based on meeting those expectations.

I've started to get some feedback from people this week and quite a few questions.  My next posts will summarize the FAQ (frequently asked questions) I've heard so far and I can add to the list as I get more.  Hopefully this will help your discussions.



  1. OK, so maybe it's too early, but when I click on the AWM hypertext link I expect to be directed to a draft workload?? But, alas, no. I assume the general draft is 60-30-10, this is at least typical of what we've seen here @ UMD traditionally. We in foreign languages and literature have already begun last year to separate term and tenure/tenure track workload expectations. I would hope the flexibility to adjust workload accordingly would be received warmly and then debated on these pages. Two questions: Does such flexibility need to be addressed in the round of UEA Contract negotiations about to begin?

    Could you direct me to the workload draft model you refer to in this blog?

  2. The link for AWM should take you there -- I'll email you a copy since it doesn't seem to be working for you.
    This model can be used with the contract "as is" because the 60-30-10 is not specified in the contract. The contract contact hours can fit within this model.


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