Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Online Delivery: Community of Practice

Online delivery at UMD is a strategic asset that we'd like to further develop for those that are interested.  Increasing faculty are using online as an alternative course delivery model.  To support online delivery, and in concert with an external assessment of UMD's online readiness, we have included this effort as part of the position for the Associate Vice Chancellor For Outreach and Online Delivery.  Kim Riordan, a faculty member in the education department, was appointed as the interim AVC earlier this year.  Her responsibilities include support of the development of further online delivery (particularly programs that are wholly or primarily online) and to develop a comprehensive plan for online delivery at UMD.  She has been working with people across UMD to lay the foundation for moving forward.

Tuesday, November 20th marks the start of UMD's Online Delivery Community of Practice meetings.  This group of faculty and staff involved in online teaching will learn from one another as they explore together "what does good online education look like at UMD?"  If you are interested, or would like further information, please contact Kim Riordan via email (kriordan@d.umn.edu) or phone (726-7251).

Coffee week of 11/12/12

I'll be in the LSBE lobby area from 8:30-9:30am on Friday (11/16/12).  Anyone is welcome to join me for discussion.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Update: Faculty Discussion Group

I've updated the list of dates that Griggs is open for faculty -- I had missed a page of dates when I first listed them on the blog (see 10/18 post). 

My coffee hours are separate from these Griggs dates, so I typically will not be at Griggs during the faculty time.  This is a chance for faculty to get together and discuss items with each other.  I'm happy to attend from time to time if a group has something on their minds they'd like to discuss with me.  Just let me know and I'll work it into my calendar.

Please spread the word about Griggs being open.

Coffee week of 11/5/12

This week I'll start changing my location across campus more.  This Friday (11/9) I'll be at the Sports and Health Center building in the seating area overlooking the ice from 9-10am.  Please join me for discussion.