Sunday, September 9, 2012

Continuing Education

We are updating the mission and vision for Continuing Education that includes a move of credit courses out of CE into the Colleges starting the summer of 2013.  CE will focus on non-credit offerings that meet a mission of outreach and extension activities.  They will focus on our community partnerships and community non-credit educational opportunities.  The Colleges will house the credit courses at UMD year round.  Deans and Department Heads have been sent information about summer 2013, so if you haven't seen that and are interested, talk with your Department Head.  If you have traditionally offered a credit course through CE in the summer, you'll want to work with your College to move that course to the summer credit course request.  One half of the income generated from summer courses goes to the Colleges, so this is a chance to increase revenue in your College.

Starting with Academic Year 2013-2014, all credit courses in CE will also move to the Colleges.  These courses will become part of the Department's standard offerings if applicable.  The money that has gone toward paying for instruction of these courses in CE will go to support the instruction of the courses in the Colleges (through course access funding or potential future tenure/tenure-track positions).  We're working on the logistics of this switch with the Deans and discussions will continue through the next month or two.




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